Andy Shadburne, Aaron Vaught, Reid Burnett, Michael Tomko, Charlie Brumley, Mike North, and Jimmy Vavak

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Saint Louis, MO


The seven members of Via Dove are in many ways, out of time. Acknowledging their impending finality, and finding liberty in a collection of songs that have been a work-in-progress for the entirety of the band's existence, Via Dove is using the present as a vehicle to merge the future and the past. On Record Store Day, April 19th, 2014, the band will release 'Fugue State', an EP comprised of five songs that, along with the entirety of their back catalogue, will be given away for free. These songs personify Via Dove's meandering journey thus far, stand as a rewarding milemarker for this incarnation of the band, and prove that in some ways time travel is real, just probably not in the way that you were thinking.

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Saturday, January 31st
at Blueberry Hill
w/ Various Hands, Clockwork, and The Sun & The Sea


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